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Therapy as a practice has never been about the pursuit of individual perfection. Instead, therapy is a journey in accepting our imperfections, championing our strengths, and realizing that we are not the sum of the worst things we have experienced or have done in life. You are worthy of grace. You are intrinsically valuable. And you are worthy of a life fulfilled.

Through therapy and introspection, we come to the realization that we are beautifully broken, intentionally mended, and impassioned with the knowledge and the skill sets to face adversity and walk away victorious.

My Own Search for Healing

I remember the first time I scrolled through search engines and therapist profiles, searching for my own healing.

I was terrified.

I read plenty of catchy lines, and I saw friendly-looking people staring back at me, but I still was confused about what I was doing. I knew I had a thought that prompted me to therapy, and that was: “There has to be more than this.” I was unhappy in my relationships, in the trajectory I was on for my future, and in all reality, who I was. I knew I needed to pivot in my life, but I hadn’t really identified the question I needed to ask in order to get assistance.

Why Is Wild Ethos Counseling Here?

Why Is Wild Ethos Counseling Here?

It’s because of that existential ambiguity that Wild Ethos Counseling exists. As a professional, I have been blessed to work with thousands of people in their worst times, best times, and through successful launches into the next chapter of their lives. But while I now sit in a different chair, I have not forgotten the courage it takes to first reach out and ask for help.

At Wild Ethos Counseling, our creed is found in helping individuals organize their thoughts, develop their own value structures, and finally prioritize their own voice in their lives.

There is no greater joy as a licensed marriage and family therapist than when I see an individual move from playing a secondary role in their life and mental health to being the defining influence in the overall arc of their own relationships, success, and personal happiness.

Therapy Is Hard Work, but Worth All the Effort

Let me be straight; therapy takes a tremendous amount of courage to enter into and even more effort as we work together. There will be victories to be celebrated in the work we do, and there will be tears shed in the challenges we experience in our pursuit of healthier relationships and the acceptance of ourselves.

What I can promise is that as you show up to this place with the courage to challenge the thoughts and narratives that have influenced your life up to this point, you will be met with a therapist that will sit with you through your pain, champion you through your progress, and fight alongside you to help you embrace your Wild and define your Ethos.

– Adam Luke, LMFT

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