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Southern Connection Podcast

The Relational Experts: Jeff Ortiz and Adam Luke take on the relational challenges facing men and their families as they look to grow their personal relationships, increase their professional potential and learn to hold emotional space for the world around them.

Episode 4: Unfunk Your Christmas

Let's talk about that good Ole' HOLIDAY FUNK. Are you ready for another honest discussion with The Relational Experts, Adam Luke LMFT and Jeff Ortiz LMFT? Because here is the truth, as men most of us do not look forward to...

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Episode 3: Stressed OUT – Part II

The Relational Experts- Adam Luke LMFT and Jeff Ortiz LMFT continue to dissect the unhealthy ways men hold stress in their lives and how unhealthy practices in processing emotions affect the relational components of who we...

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Episode 2: Stressed OUT – Part I

The Relational Experts- Adam Luke LMFT and Jeff Ortiz LMFT continue to tackle the challenging discussions men need to have to unlock their true potential as Leaders of their Families, their social circles and as successful...

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SessionWell Podcast

Join Adam and Judy as we create a community for all therapists to interact, share and support one another. Therapists often feel isolated, but we are here so that no one has to feel alone in this journey.

#016 – Where the Monster Weights

Adam and Judy welcome Corinne Weber, AMFT, author, and motivational speaker. She shares her incredibly powerful and life giving message about her personal journey through the depths of anorexia and back through recovery.

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#030 – Fears of Therapy

Do you wonder if therapy would even work for you? I mean what could a therapist possibly say that you do not know about your own life? Many people have differing views about starting therapy. Some individuals are completely...

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#029 – How to Fuel Your Brain with Food

Do you care more about what kind of fuel you put in your car than what kind of food you put in your mouth? Food affects every individual differently. Some of us love to eat and some of us eat to live. Regardless of what food...

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